Wednesday, April 10, 2013

April Fetish Chat - Cuckolding

Once or twice a month I will be writing about a specific fetish or kink. I will be cross-posting with my Dominatrix blog, so you will get a more in depth look at some of the fetishes and kinks I have experienced or have experience with. For ones I don't have experience with, I hope to bring you views from others in the BDSM realm who are experts with a particular kink.

This month - cuckolding!

A man married to an unfaithful wife.
tr.v.  cuck·old·ed, cuck·old·ing, cuck·olds
To make a cuckold of.
Seems like a pretty simple definition, right? But cuckolding, being cuckolded, being a cuckold, is so much more complicated than this definition seems to imply, at least when it comes to the cuckold fetish.  Any man who's wife or girlfriend is unfaithful can be considered a cuckold, but it takes a special kind of guy to want to be cuckolded, and to find pleasure in his cuck status.
Being a cuckold, in the fetish/BDSM sense of the word, is an exercise in mental and emotional masochism, a form of humiliation that the cuck finds sexually exciting. In order for a cuck to really get the humiliation he craves, it must involve a personal, intimate relationship between him and the woman, so it is almost always his wife or girlfriend (known as the Hot Wife). It is that personal, intimate relationship, combined with the perceived failure of the cuck to satisfy his partner thus forcing her to look elsewhere for sexual satisfaction, that creates the humiliation that the cuck craves, that mental/emotional hurt that a cuck thrives on.  Many female led relationships may include some form of cuckolding, including forcing the cuck to be the one to find the partners for his Hot Wife as well as something like enforced chastity to further remind the cuck of his humiliating position within the relationship.  I must interpose here and say that I honestly do not know if something similar happens in gay male couples, but I will look around and see if I can find that out! 
Now you could see a Dominatrix like me, and get a semi-sorta cuck session, where you might be made to get me and my Bull ready for our fun while you are tied up and forced to watch, and you might have to do some cleanup after we were done having our fun,  but it really wouldn't be a cuckold session in the true sense of the word and the fetish, it is more like you are getting to (in a limited way) participate in and watch some live porn ;)  I prefer a more realistic experience. Couples often come see me, and, depending on our agreed scenario, I (since I like girls) am the one to show him just how much better I am at pleasing his s/o than he is (some verbal humiliation thrown in can really add to the cuck experience) or my Bull (who is very well hung and very, very talented) would give her the experience of her life, all while you, the poor, pathetic little cuck can only sit there helplessly and watch.
That is what gets a cuck off.
I have a personal play partner who sometimes enjoys being made to dress up and do housework while I am "entertaining". I am happy to feed this fetish for him, even though he has no trouble satisfying me, because I understand his need for this type of scene. He doesn't feel any of the typical humiliation or mental/emotional anguish that a true cuck would gladly suffer, but it is his form of the fetish and one I tend to enjoy myself :) Again, not really a true cuckold situation, but similar, just like the experience you might get when you visit a Dominatrix. But for a true cuck, nothing beats knowing just how pathetic they are when it comes to providing a satisfying sexual experience for their s/o.
If you and your s/o are interested in exploring a cuckold relationship and are looking for advice, let me know and we can get together to plan the path to your new relationship!


Tuesday, April 9, 2013

I Lost That Loving Feeling :(

My last post, as you can see, was shortly before Thanksgiving, 2012. At the time, I was dealing with a very personal issue, the illness of my mother. In October she was diagnosed with Stage IV pancreatic cancer. Around Thanksgiving, we had just completed the third course of chemotherapy and she was not doing well at all, so all my time was being spent caring for her.

In December, her downhill slide continued, and the day after Christmas, she passed away. After that, I just wasn't in the mood to talk about, write about or even have an interest in sex, relationships, kinks and fetishes...really nothing held my interest, I think you can understand where my mind was at that time.

Thanks to the very lovely ladies and gents in my life, I am back! The caring, cuddling, love and fun that my favorite people, both old and new, have shown me has given me a new lease on my sexy, kinky life and I am ready to share so much more with all of you.

Thanks for sticking around, keep your eyes open for more fun stuff !!


Thursday, November 22, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving !!

How about a little food play???

I think "making a turducken" is a euphemism for something...


I will be back soon, promise ;)

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Thursday, November 1, 2012

LOL !!

Gosh, I wonder what's under there?!?!?!?

Hope you all had a safe and fun Halloween !! Think I need to find me my own Halloweenie, LOL!!

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Friday, October 26, 2012

Happy Facesitting Friday !!

So this may be a little kinkier than past Fridays, but this is on my mind today, so thought I'd share :)

Facesitting/smothering is a bit different that simple cunnilingus (or DATY as some of you refer to it). Many Dominatrixes don't allow this, and many that do will only allow it while they wear panties, hose or tights. This isn't necessarily just another way for you to get to eat pussy, this is an excellent tool for control. She is in complete control of when he gets to breath and what else he may be allowed to do, and often this is combined with some other form of BDSM play, like bondage or CBT...the combination of the complete loss of control (tough to do much when she is in charge like this) and whatever else might be going on can lead to a pretty explosive climax ;)

And here are some tips, just in case you do get to do some DATY ;)

Hope you are all ready for a fantastic weekend and a happy Halloween!!

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Sunday, October 21, 2012

How About Some Light Sunday Reading?

Hey everyone :) I am trying to get back into a somewhat normal routine, even though my normal has changed a bit these last couple of weeks. I caught up on some reading this weekend and found some very interesting articles I thought I would share! I know there is football to watch today, but take a look during halftime, halftime is no fun anyway since we don't get to watch the cheerleaders ;)

10 Fascinating Facts About the Male Orgasm

"Multiple Orgasms

Though multiple orgasms are generally associated with the female sexual experience, 15 percent to 20 percent of men reported enjoying them when surveyed in the famous Kinsey reports."

Remember we talked about this a few weeks back? If you want to learn more about having your own multiple orgasms, let me know, we can discuss!

The G Spot: It Exists!

"If a woman is lying down on her back, then it is on the belly-button side, meaning that if you insert your finger into your vagina and make a “come hither” motion, you will be able to feel it."

I can personally attest to the existence of the G-Spot ;) You might have to experiment a bit on your partner to find the exact spot, mine is actually a little more forward than this description and it might be a little deeper in, or even a smaller area, but be  gentle, use lots of lube and take your time, you just might find it :)

Erotic Orgasm Denial

"Erotic orgasm denial, or sometimes called "tease and denial" play, takes away the goal of orgasm, and helps your partner not only focus on the pleasure they are giving, but also heightens the pleasure they are receiving."

I actually have found that orgasm denial with women might be counter-productive. I have talked to numerous women who feel that constantly being brought to the edge then denied just becomes frustrating and ruins the finale. When I get a chance to play with women, I like to pursue "forced orgasms", bringing her to orgasm repeatedly, rather than frustrating her with an almost...some women have a hard enough time getting off, why make it harder? Now, orgasm denial with a man? Love it!!!

Helping Women Who Can't Orgasm

This article, and the accompanying research paper (which you can read here if you like) really brings home a point I try to make in all my sessions. First, the research was done on older Americans, which is fantastic because so much research is done on college students and those of us who are older are not typically represented when it comes to sexuality research, so it is refreshing to read about my generation and the troubles we face. Second, it reinforces something I stress during many of my sessions: TOUCH IS IMPORTANT!!! Think about how much you like to be touched, caressed, hugged, kissed...taking the time to explore someone with your hands and your lips, using gentle strokes, light kisses and maybe even a lick or two can really amp up your desire! Also, by taking the time to just touch each other, you push the final goal of orgasm away for a while, which takes some of the pressure to perform off you while you and your partner explore the rest of your bodies! I love touching like this and I hope you will too :)

And finally...


"All of which is fitting, because “swallow” is also one of the most divisive acts around. Those who love it love it. Those who hate it hate it. That’s normal. But then there’s everyone else. Because, for every girl (or gay guy, let’s not forget) who will happily down their partner’s pleasure in one, there are probably a dozen more who have never even tried it, but who “know” they will hate it regardless."

An interesting little history lesson here on swallowing cum during fellatio. It is one of thse acts that has two very well defined sides...those who hate it and will never do it, and those who love it and do it all the time, there really isn't any in between! Flavor, of course, can be altered through diet, and texture varies between men, so swallowing one can be completely different than swallowing the next.
Of course, if you cum far enough back in her (or his) throat, there aren't any flavor or texture issues, now are there? LOL !!

Like the author says...:

It’s nice to know, in the days of so much rampant permissiveness and possibly even promiscuity that there remains one term, two little words, three tiny syllables, that won’t simply shock and awe your date for the evening; they will continue to do so for years to come.

“I swallow.”

Have a fantastic Sunday (Go Cards!) and I'll be back next week :)

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